Post Mod

Re: the article in the February 6th New Yorker magazine – The Whitney revisits the nineteen-eighties.

1983 – Some better-known modernist artists around town, represented in the Art Gallery of Ontario, were reaching for new ideas, but ending up with simplistic abstractions.

Art critics tried to define an elusive term called “post-modernism”, which, in visual art, came to mean collectives (two heads are better than one), mixing and matching styles old and new, more recognition for woman artists – an end to the “myth of the male genius”.

The term, post-mod, is here to stay; and means much, much more. It is hard to keep up.

Over thirty years later – 2017 – there have been many ‘block-buster’ shows at the AGO, but little to indicate art that could be called mainstream, except photography, constructions and conceptual art. In painting, anything goes. “Paint to Sell” appears to be the dominant philosophy.